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French translator; translation service; certified translator


English to French Translation
Spanish to French Translation

I am here to help you with all your translation needs. Go to the Contact section to request a quote.


Portfolio: Vivre à nu : la surveillance au Canada published by Athabasca University Press

Des réfugiés s’épanouissent grâce au travail en AllemagneUnited Nations Refugee Agency

Labels and instructions : Eternabond, SniperSkin, Ettang modelling K-cup take-out mask, Lime Crime Cosmetics, Forsythe Lubrication (WHMIS sheets).

Certified Translation: English, French, Spanish
For the translation and certification of all official documents (mariage and birth certificates, waivers, wills, travel authorization, etc.).

French to English Translation

I rely on a network of professionnals to offer you French to English translation services. Every document is translated, revised and formatted.

Comparative Revision or French Revision
If you already had something translated but you are unsure of the quality of the document, I can help with a bilingual revision.

Portfolio: Initiative sur la santé de la populationCanadian Institute for Health Information.


You have a document already in French and want to be sure it's free of typos, I can help you out.

Language Advices

As soon as we begin our collaboration, I offer you a complimentary language advice service. So if you are unsure of a term or an expression in French, contact me and I'll be glad to help.

Consistency and Quality guaranteed from one document to the other

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